Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pizza Crescents!!!

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Pizza Crescents!!!

Tomato Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Any Other Toppings You Want

Step 1:
Grease Your Baking Pan Before Laying The Crescents On The Pan. If You Don't They Will Stick To The Pan. We Don't Want That.

Step 2: Now Lay The Crescents On The Greased Baking Pan

Step 3: Now Spread The Tomato Sauce On The Crescents. You Can Use A Regular Table Spoon To Do This.

Step 4: Now You Can Get The Mozzarella Chesse And Sprinkle It On The Tomato Sauce. Add However Much You Like.

Step 5: Now You Can Add The Pepperonis. Add As Many As You Like.

Step 6: Add Your Own Toppings If You Like. You Can Also Just Have A Cheese Crescent.

Step 7: Heat Oven To 375 Degrees. You May Have To Adjust Depending On Your Oven Type.

Step 8: Cook For About 14 Minutes Or Untill Golden Brown

Step 9: ENJOY!!!

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