Monday, January 30, 2017

D.I.Y Tire Toy

Hey BrainCakes! So I haven't posted in a long time. Like an actual post. So Today I thought I would tell you guys about a D.I.Y recycled tire outside toy. They are so cute and we are about to make it! So What you need is 

  1. Soap + Rag
  2. Paint Primer (Spray Paint)
  3. Different Colors Of Spray Paint

Step 1: Clean out your tires. You don't want dirty tires. So clean them with some soap and water and let them dry.

Step 2: Once your tires have dried you can apply the primer. The primer is like the base coat. It also makes your color choices pop out. Let that for 24 hours. You don't want the colors and the primer to mix in with each other.

Step 3: Now it;s the next day. You can now spray your color choices on to the tires. You can also use stencils for cute designs. 

Step 4: Let it dry and have fun. You can make into a swing by drilling a hole at the top and tie one end onto the tire and the other to the tree. Make sure it's strong rope.

I hope you guys liked this D.I.Y! Bye!



Lensflare effect

Rainbow wallpaper

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spongebob and Patrick sell Windows XP




My Slime!

How to make slime!

School Glue

  1. In one bowl mix 1/2 a cup (4 oz) of glue and 1/2 a cup of water. Add food coloring if you want.
  2. In another bowl mix 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 cup of water until the borax is dissolved.
  3. Add the glu mixture to the borax mixture slowly. Stir slowly. When it gets tougher to stir with the spoon knead with your hands.


Slime!!! (1st Video On Blog)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dark Secrets 1

Hey BrainCakes! So a couple days ago I finished 1 part of the book Dark Secrets 1
The first part is Legacy of Lies. It was kinda confusing at the end. If you don't want any spoilers I recommend you leave now. So at the end, everyone was reincarnated. So Megan was Avril and Matt was Tomas. 
Miss Lydia was the one who killed Avril by giving her red creep. Something that made the girls beautiful 60 years ago. Miss Lydia gave Avril double the dosage of red creep. Helen(The grandmother) cut the dosage in half. I don't know why. if you do please leave a comment down below. This book was kinda confusing for me. Anyways, Avril died. Helen thought she did it but it was actually Miss Lydia. So when Megan came to visit Helen, both Matt And Helen were shocked. Megan resembled Avril so much. Megan caught Matt going through some stuff in Helen's drawer the 1st night she was there. At the end, Matt showed her what he was looking at. They were pictures of Avril. He said it was so crazy how much she resembled her. Megan went to Miss Lydia because she was a psychic.
Things were happening at the house. 1st Helen's bible was moved from it's spot in the kitchen. Then they found it. Then paintings were switched. Then Helen's clock got moved from her desk to a hall table. The same night Helen's clock moved was the same night Megan Avril's old room. She didn't know how she got there but she could remember a circular object. Megan's 1st day at her grandmother's house she went to the family grave. She saw Avril's grave and got a weird feeling. Then  later on in the book she went back to grave and didn't have that feeling. Megan went to Miss Lydia a 2nd time and Miss Lydia gave Megan some "tea" then told her to go to the mill. That's where Avril died. Miss Lydia told Megan to feel the mill, smell the mill and be one with the mill. Miss Lydia was the one who put the idea of being reincarnated in Megan's head. She told Megan about karma and blaw blaw blaw. When Megan went she was followed by Matt and Lydia. Matt was trying to save Megan. She tried to escape by grabing this bar but the bar gave out and she fell on Matt and the bar hit Lydia and killed her instantly. Megan was in the hospital, Matt tolda her everything that happened. Then at the end, Jamie the baker said I make wedding cakes too. So they are getting married. I liked that part of the book. It was a little confusing but I liked. So now I am on Don't Tell. So i'm excited. Well that's the end of this post. Goodnight BrainCakes.

Sorry if this book review was a little blaw. But this is how I thought the book went so yeah. Bye!

Zara Larsson, MNEK - Never Forget You

Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama

Charlie Puth - One Call Away [Official Video]

Top 100 Best Songs Of 2016

What Can You Cut with an Egg Slicer? Life Hacks

Monday, January 16, 2017


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!
I Have A Dream...
Fill in the blank

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pizza Crescents!!!

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Pizza Crescents!!!

Tomato Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Any Other Toppings You Want

Step 1:
Grease Your Baking Pan Before Laying The Crescents On The Pan. If You Don't They Will Stick To The Pan. We Don't Want That.

Step 2: Now Lay The Crescents On The Greased Baking Pan

Step 3: Now Spread The Tomato Sauce On The Crescents. You Can Use A Regular Table Spoon To Do This.

Step 4: Now You Can Get The Mozzarella Chesse And Sprinkle It On The Tomato Sauce. Add However Much You Like.

Step 5: Now You Can Add The Pepperonis. Add As Many As You Like.

Step 6: Add Your Own Toppings If You Like. You Can Also Just Have A Cheese Crescent.

Step 7: Heat Oven To 375 Degrees. You May Have To Adjust Depending On Your Oven Type.

Step 8: Cook For About 14 Minutes Or Untill Golden Brown

Step 9: ENJOY!!!

Leave A Comment Down Below And Tell Me If You Made These! Use The #BrainFood!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's so cold!!!

It's so cold!!!

Dark Secrets 1

Dark Secrets 1

Nail Art!!!

Nail Art!!!

Nail polish

Nail Art Text



Iced Shaken Lemon Tea



Black chalk

Can an iPhone 6S Survive a Diamond Blade?

                                        WATCH THIS!!!


Hey BrainCakes! Make sure to drink water today! You want to keep those brains happy!


Hey BrainCakes! Today I wanted to talk about rainbows. Rainbows are so amazing. I can give you 2 reasons why.

  1. It's Gods promise that he will never flood the earth again
  2. Rainbows are so magical and can't be explained
If people ask me what my favorite color is I say rainbow. Rainbow is a color. It's a color because it's all the colors mixed into one. Rainbows are beautiful. 
Red: The color of roses
Orange: The color of the perfect pumpkins
Yellow: The color of our honey makers
Green: The color of our gorgeous grass
Blue: The color of our optimistic ocean
Purple: The color of our passionate sky

So if you like rainbows comment down below "#RainbowNation"
Bye BrainCakes

MiniFood American hotdog 食べれるミニチュアアメリカンドッグ

                                     So Tiny

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book of The Month!

Hey BrainCakes! Yes, BrainCakes Is Your Guys New Nick Name! So Today I'm Am Here To Tell You Guys About The Book Of The Month. I Changed It From The Book Of The Week To The Book Of The Month. The Book Is Called
Dark Secrets 1 by: Elizabeth Chandler
The Book Is Good So Far. I'm On Chapter 3. There's 2 Books In 1. Legacy of Lies + Don't Tell.
Here is the summary for legacy of lies:

Something is haunting Megan...
She had seen Scarborough House only in her dreams. Now Megan was here, visiting the grandmother she'd never met, and her newfound cousin Matt, too handsome by far, who wanted her to disappear. Grandmother was so cold, so distant. Why did she finally reach out to Megan after all these years? And why was Matt so determined to call her his "almost" cousin? For all her prophetic dreams, nothing could have prepared Megan for Matt's astonishment when he first saw her...or the reaction of perfect strangers who looked at her with fascination -- and fear...
Megan thought she knew who she was. Until she came to Grandmother's house. Until she met Matt, who angered and attracted her as no boy had ever done before. Then she began having dreams again, of a life she never lived, a love she never knew...a secret that threatened to drive her to the grave.
Here is the summary for don't tell:
What really happened to Mother? Lauren has come home seven years after her famous mother's mysterious drowning. They said it was an accident, but the tabloids screamed murder. Her father, a senator, hadn't protected her. Aunt Jule was her only refuge, the beloved godmother she's returning to see. Lauren stops at Wisteria's annual street festival and meets Nick, a tease, a flirt, and a childhood playmate. The day is almost perfect -- until she realizes she's being watched. Arriving at Aunt Jule's, Lauren is shocked at the decay of the riverfront home. Aunt Jule seems angry and defensive, even as she fusses over Lauren at her daughter Holly's expense. Nora, Jule's other daughter, is silent and spooky, and stares at Lauren with frightening intensity. Meanwhile, Nick has acted as if he wants to be more than Lauren's friend. So why is he suddenly glued to Holly and almost hostile to Lauren? How can she trust him -- especially now that a series of nasty accidents makes Lauren realize that somebody wants her dead? This time, there's no place to run. 
So if you guys like this book please tell me and the comments. I hope you guys like the book of the month. BYE!!!

EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE Chupa Chups

Sunday, January 1, 2017


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Happy New Year!!!

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2017!
I'm so excited for this year and the new trends! Here are some of the 2016 trends that I did!
I still wear these as a matter of fact. They are very pretty and very comfortable. You guys should try them out! 
Image result for kimono 2016

So in 2016 (and still in 2017) I dabbed...A LOT!
I love to dab! I dab after everything!

Image result for dab
I will be posting all the trends I did in 2016 later and through the day! I'm so excited for 2017! Happy New Year!