Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dark Secrets 1

Hey BrainCakes! So a couple days ago I finished 1 part of the book Dark Secrets 1
The first part is Legacy of Lies. It was kinda confusing at the end. If you don't want any spoilers I recommend you leave now. So at the end, everyone was reincarnated. So Megan was Avril and Matt was Tomas. 
Miss Lydia was the one who killed Avril by giving her red creep. Something that made the girls beautiful 60 years ago. Miss Lydia gave Avril double the dosage of red creep. Helen(The grandmother) cut the dosage in half. I don't know why. if you do please leave a comment down below. This book was kinda confusing for me. Anyways, Avril died. Helen thought she did it but it was actually Miss Lydia. So when Megan came to visit Helen, both Matt And Helen were shocked. Megan resembled Avril so much. Megan caught Matt going through some stuff in Helen's drawer the 1st night she was there. At the end, Matt showed her what he was looking at. They were pictures of Avril. He said it was so crazy how much she resembled her. Megan went to Miss Lydia because she was a psychic.
Things were happening at the house. 1st Helen's bible was moved from it's spot in the kitchen. Then they found it. Then paintings were switched. Then Helen's clock got moved from her desk to a hall table. The same night Helen's clock moved was the same night Megan Avril's old room. She didn't know how she got there but she could remember a circular object. Megan's 1st day at her grandmother's house she went to the family grave. She saw Avril's grave and got a weird feeling. Then  later on in the book she went back to grave and didn't have that feeling. Megan went to Miss Lydia a 2nd time and Miss Lydia gave Megan some "tea" then told her to go to the mill. That's where Avril died. Miss Lydia told Megan to feel the mill, smell the mill and be one with the mill. Miss Lydia was the one who put the idea of being reincarnated in Megan's head. She told Megan about karma and blaw blaw blaw. When Megan went she was followed by Matt and Lydia. Matt was trying to save Megan. She tried to escape by grabing this bar but the bar gave out and she fell on Matt and the bar hit Lydia and killed her instantly. Megan was in the hospital, Matt tolda her everything that happened. Then at the end, Jamie the baker said I make wedding cakes too. So they are getting married. I liked that part of the book. It was a little confusing but I liked. So now I am on Don't Tell. So i'm excited. Well that's the end of this post. Goodnight BrainCakes.

Sorry if this book review was a little blaw. But this is how I thought the book went so yeah. Bye!

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